What are the advantages of the Lifestyle account?

  1. Portfolio management based on active risk management
  2. Capital protection by means of a gradual profit lock-in
  3. Portfolio diversification
  4. Sophisticated selection of investment instruments
  5. Stabilisation by means of fixed income investment instruments
  6. Variability and flexibility
    • low minimum regular investment
    • selection of the regular investment: monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually
    • selection of the regular investment period of 5 to 40 years
    • simple access to money - ability to withdraw a part of the invested money

The Lifestyle account is an ideal combination of a regular investment providing you with several PLUS aspects in one.

PLUS 1 - Portfolio management based on active risk management

graf Each investment is characterized by a certain level of risk. The risk is a rate of uncertainty connected with the investment and its level shall depend on the selected financial instrument. State bonds, for example, belong to those investments of lower risk; however, equities come with a higher risk. Individual financial instruments shall provide different levels of income depending on their risk. Income is the reward for the risk undertaken. Investment with an actively managed risk shall enable you to maintain the investment risk at the level that respects your risk profile all the time.

PLUS 2 - Capital protection by means of a gradual profit lock-in

graf The long-term aspect shall enable one to invest more aggressively at the beginning into financial instruments of higher risk with the goal of the highest possible income.
Towards the end of the investment period, the investment strategies change and your assets are invested into more conservative financial instruments with lower volatility, such as bonds and financial market instruments, hereby protecting your invested means efficiently should unstable markets arise. The Lifestyle account shall fulfil three basic functions: accumulation of means, efficient valuation and capital protection by means of a profit lock-in.

PLUS 3 - Portfolio diversification with focusing on exotic markets

graf With the Lifestyle account you can spread your regular investment throughout the world. An actively managed portfolio shall regularly direct your means into financial markets in developed countries as well as into attractive emerging markets. Your means shall be effectively invested in Russia, China, India, Latin America, Middle East and South-East Asia.

PLUS 4 - Sophisticated selection of investment instruments

Selection of financial instruments shall be based on proper investment analysis performed in cooperation with reputable consulting companies. Investment funds as a part of the Client’s Portfolio are managed by selected investment managers with long-term experience and proper knowledge of local markets, whereby the above-average asset valuation shall be provided.

PLUS 5 - Stabilisation by means of fixed income instruments

graf Due to a highly developed portfolio management, the investment risk shall be minimized by investing into fixed income instruments in the volume of up to 25% of the invested amount.
Front-end investment comprising 5% of the total invested amount shall be invested into fixed income instruments. Right at the beginning of the investment, it shall be the basis for your portfolio performance. After its payment, the means shall be diversified in the investment whilst a part of the regularly invested amount shall be deposited into fixed income instruments. The Lifestyle account offers multiple protection against investment risk.

PLUS 6 - Variability and flexibility

The regular investment programme shall enable you to select the payment method for the front-end investment, the amount of the regular investment, the investment period and the frequency. During the investment, according to your current situation, you may adjust the regular investment and you may withdraw invested money in accordance with the agreed rules without having to cancel the contract.

Choose your pace of investment and set your Lifestyle account according to your ability and needs.

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