Financial planning and investing
Regular investing – a key to long-term prosperity

We know that you have your own goals and future ambitions connected with your current and future financial possibilities. It is therefore better to divide them into short-term, medium-term and long-term time periods.

Would you like to have a financial reserve? Do you need a new car? Do you wish for a luxury holiday or a big-screen LCD TV in your living room? These needs may be classified as short-term or medium-term plans.

Would you like to secure your children’s education? Are you considering a new apartment or a house? It is very important to prepare for a secure and peaceful life in old age... in order to ensure financial security in your old age, it is necessary to build up your pension efficiently, since the time you spend as a retired person may account for up to 20% of your life. If you want to live this period of your life to the fullest, you need to accumulate wealth and this requires investing with a long-term perspective.

Financial planning success is based on efficiency. Investing into capital markets is a way to create value in an efficient way. There are three important factors to consider when trying to achieve your set investment targets: investment plan, discipline and regularity. Regular investment is a means of fighting the investment risk, especially in periods of declining or unstable financial markets when it is difficult to determine the right moment of investment implementation and its right timing. Regular investments, even in smaller amounts may create new growth in capital enabling you to plan for and achieve the once unreachable targets in the future.

Planning is a key to making your dreams come true.

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