How to start making your dreams come true? It is simple...

  1. Your financial advisor shall introduce to you the regular investment programme of the Lifestyle account.
  2. Together with your financial advisor, you:
    • Fill out the Client’s test which is a part of the proposal for a Contract on portfolio management and you shall discuss your current situation with him. By filling out the Client´s test, you may be able to determine your risk profile
    • Define your investment intentions and period in which you would like to perform them. Based on your current situation choose an amount you would like to invest regularly
    • Obtain the information you need to be provided based on the legal regulations
    • Fill out the Proposal for conclusion of Agreement on portfolio management Lifestyle account..
  3. Then you transfer the financial means to the account specified in the Contract proposal and issue a standing order.
  4. The Administrator of the regular investment programme of the Lifestyle account shall send confirmation of acceptance after receiving the Contract proposal and payment of the front-end investment.

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