Regular investment
together with a long-term approach
can be the basis for a successful
investment strategy

It is difficult to plan your investment correctly ...

It is difficult for an investor to determine the most suitable moment for entering or leaving financial markets and to plan investments correctly. From the long-term point of view the markets may provide positive aspects, from the short-term point of view, however, their level fluctuates. Nobody is able to plan an investment ideally. Investors tend to buy in times of favourable environment and market growth. On the other hand, during times of price decreases and increased nervousness they sell their investment in order to minimise losses. Adopting the decision as when to invest is one of the most difficult decisions which an investor shall make. How do you avoid being forced to make such a decision?

Regular investing provides advantages in the long-term perspective

graf One of the best ways to avoid decisions about the most suitable investment timing is to invest regularly. The main advantage of such a strategy is the technique of cost averaging where the risk of incorrect investment timing is decreased by purchasing the financial instrument regularly. Cost averaging shall ensure that you can buy more securities for your money in a period of market decline. In addition regular investing can help keep ones investment discipline..

It is not important how much but when

graf Time is an important ally of each investor. The long-term investment horizon shall help you decrease the risk of market fluctuation. The longer you let your money work, the more can you utilize the effect of compound interest. It is never too late to start, however, those who start early make the most profit.

Compound interest is like a snowball you roll down a hill. The longer it rolls, the bigger it becomes.

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